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Negatoscopes at dealer price

Research and Production Company Negatoscope.ru, LLC is interested in expanding the geography of its supplies and invites dealers - trading and manufacturing companies working in various areas of the medical industry.

The dealer policy determines our credo - to sell a modern, high-quality and reliable product. The company's goal is to strengthen its reputation as a seller of high-quality goods on the market. The main advantages of the products are high quality, reasonable price, favorable terms of delivery. We deliver to any locality in the country.

Dealers are provided with information and marketing support, with all the necessary materials (graphic and text) for posting on the site. If necessary, we can completely adapt the brochures and other promotional material to the dealer for free.

To sell a modern, high-quality product for a good price means to improve the company's reputation in the medical equipment market! For each negatoscope, the price for the dealer will be formed taking into account a good discount.

There are a number of other advantages of cooperation with us:

  1. 1 good discounts from the price list;
  2. 2 no any problems with deliveries. The product is always available, so we can guarantee its timely shipment;
  3. 3 no risks of damage to the goods during transportation (reliable packaging with wooden crate);
  4. 4 availability of necessary permits; - registration certificate and certificate of conformity;
  5. 5 the ability to pre-order the frame of the device of a certain color in accordance with the color solutions for the design of equipment in the medical office;
  6. 6 availability of own service center. If the dealer has the capacity, he can take on the solution of service issues;
  7. 7 availability of the installation kit in the basic delivery package;
  8. 8 warranty service term - 1 year;
  9. 9 we are professionals;
  10. 10 obtaining preferences, with purchases for government needs - our equipment is manufactured in Russia.

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