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Better than any Russian and foreigh similar products

LED X-ray view boxs are brighter: brightness of the negatoscopes we produce is higher than that of their luminescent analogues by 250300% (5000 cd/m2 vs 2000 cd/m2 of luminescent X-ray view boxes) and is by 25% higher compared to (5000 cd/m2 vs 4000 cd/m2) their LED analogs. That advantage enables a physician to analyze any X-ray film (starting from dental to mammographic) of a different optical density on a higher quality level selecting for each of them the required brightness which will certainly result in much more precise diagnosis.
Light evenly distributed along the entire perimeter of a viewing field: a unique light guide matrix developed by our engineers along with LEDs provide even distribution of the light stream around the entire viewing field of the device. Inhomogeneity of the room lightning at maximal brightness is +/- 10%, in terms of negatoscopes developed by RPC Negatoscope.ru, LLC whereas that of luminescent negatoscope is equal to 25% - 35%. Such great scope of inhomogeneity results in dark spots in the viewing field of the device and in case that dark spot covers the examining area of a patients body in an X-ray film a physician will have to move the film to the better light area of the device which leads to discomfort of the film analysis and increases the likelihood of poor diagnosis.
Physicians eyes are not tired: absence of blinking effect which typical for luminescent negatoscopes allows to deal with more patients avoiding loading doctors eyes making their work more comfortable.
Frame-by-frame switching of negatoscope fields: LED negatoscopes manufactured by RPC Negatoscope.ru, LLC are equipped with an option of independent switching on fields. Whenever it is necessary to analyze an X-ray film on a two-, three- or four-frame negatoscope a physician will switch on the field where the film is and the rest of them can be switched off. The switched on field without a film lights too bright which makes a physician blind making diagnostics far from comfortable thus increasing the risk of making a mistake in a diagnosis.
Brightness can be adjusted to a film and not visa-versa: it means convenient adjustment of brightness in its entire 300 cd/m2 - 5000 cd/m2 range (10 degrees of brightness) which allows a physician to select the required level of brightness. Cheap luminescent negatoscopes either do not have that option or is range is only 50% - 100% in more expensive models. Up to 4 degrees of brightness are used in LED negatoscopes by other manufacturers. However, an opportunity to use a wide range of brightness allows a physician to select the luminous intensity required for dealing with each film. A doctor does not have to adapt the film to excessively high or low negatoscope brightness which may result in poor level of diagnostics and consequently in the wrong treatment procedure.
Cost of LED negatoscope maintenance is lower: LED negatoscopes consume 150% - 200% less energy, the device heating up is minimal, unlike luminescent negatoscopes LED devices do not need to replace lamps and their duration period is longer. MTBF of luminescent and LED devices is 2,500 and 10,000 hours correspondingly which means that the latter are 400% more efficient.
Absurdness of using of luminescent negatoscopes: X-ray equipment has significantly changed during the last 25 years. Presently, the image on a film contain a great deal of clinical information required for a physician for proper diagnosing and prescribing the corresponding treatment. Against that background examining the film made with extremely expensive X-ray equipment with an negatoscope which cannot provide with the required luminous intensity and its proper homogeneity blinding the physician with its second switched field seems to be rather absurd. Up to 30% of clinically important information can be lost at a luminescent negatoscope which results in less efficient diagnosing and increases the risk of making incorrect diagnosis.
Modern and stylish appearance: a negatoscope compact and ergonomic case is made of aluminum. The durable, stylish and modern device is rather compact, its weight is light and it can be easily adjusted to any of a medical facility design.

Our engineers are experts in the field of medical equipment, they possess updated, accurate and actual data on medical staff preferences and their requirements to medical devices. That factor along with vast experience and expertise in manufacturing of medical equipment enable us to develop hi-tech and unique products completely meeting customers requirements.

While designing negotoscopes we consider the feedback from leading experts in radiological diagnostics both from Russia and CIS countries. Also, we use electronics imported from Germany, Great Britain and Japan. At the same time, the devices are adapted to local conditions including standard electrical power supply voltage which makes them quite efficient and reliable devices with long-term service.

We do not copy products of European or Chinese manufacturers as we produce unique equipment of our own design. Although foreign brands have been actively acquire markets we are proud that we are Russian national manufacturers. We would like to improve living standards in our country and have been investing our potential to our countrys development.


Safe packaging with wooden furring which eliminate the risk of the equipment damage during its transportation;
One year of after-sales services;
Assembling kit is included into the equipment basic configuration.