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The warranty period for the equipment is 12 months.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • For mechanical damage of cables or products, in case if this is the manufacture original fault.
  • In case of damage caused by high external temperature, liquid, chemicals and when foreign objects or insects enter inside of the product.
  • Faults caused by environmental influences (rain, snow, hail, thunderstorm, etc.), the onset of force majeure (military action, fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).
  • If the customer fails to comply with the operating, transportation and storage conditions established by the technical conditions and operational documentation for this product.

Limitation of liability

You must ensure that the storage and handling conditions of the product are observed before using it!

The manufacturer is not responsible for the application and use of the product without observing the rules and recommendations provided by the operating manual. In this case, the manufacturer shall not be liable in no case for possible direct, indirect, incidental damage or costs arising from the use of the product within violation of the storage terms, transportation and use, in the violation of the packaging integrity and failure to comply with the instructions for use.

Warranty repair

It take place on manufacture of the manufacturer or in the service center of the Supplier.