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Unique manufacturing technology

The main technologies of production of negatoscopes

1 Unique light-conducting matrix LGP

Unique light-conducting matrix LGPThe illuminated panel of the device is developed according to the LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology, the "heart" of which is a light-conducting matrix. It depends on it, the brightness and uniformity of the panel's glow.

On a specially prepared acrylic glass is applied automatically by light-reflecting paint. The method of application is developed by our specialists, the drawing itself is unique. Such a solution ensures a qualitative and even distribution of the light flux, making the illuminated X-ray image more clear, in connection with this, the diagnostic accuracy of the research is increased. This technology meets Russian and world environmental standards.

2 LED Lighting LED

LED Lighting LED

One of the most important components of the negatoscope is the light source. In our device is a light device based on LEDs.

In some negatoscopes, the fluorescent lamps still serve as a source of illumination. To date, this technology is obsolete. Advantages of the LED technology of the LED negatoscope are clarity, brightness and uniform distribution of the light flux, which eliminates the exposure of images or flicker. Such a luminous flux does not create a load on the eyes of the doctor, has an optimal color temperature. LED negatoscope is characterized by low power consumption and longer life.

3 Using a diffuser

Using a diffuser

The whole area of the negatoscope glass is covered by a specially developed superfine canvas - diffuser. This additionally provides a high level of uniform illumination and the correct propagation of light.

The combination of these three technologies formed the basis for the solutions that we have introduced into the production of our instruments. Our production is equipped with numerical control machines of American firm HAAS, which makes the entire technological process modern, accurate and reliable.