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Unique manufacturing technology

Our negatoscopes have been developed based on several advanced and even revolutionary technologies. All know-hows are implemented by our high-qualified personnel using NC machines. This is how our new medical equipment excelling its European and Asian analogues has been made. No matter what model you are going to use – one-two-three-or four film negatoscope with shutters – they all are high-tech devices.

Basic technologies used for negatoscopres engineering and manufacturing

Unique photoconductive LGP matrix

Illuminating panel has been developed based on LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology with a photoconductive matrix as the core element of it. The matrix determines brightness and evenness of the negatoscope illumination.

Unique photoconductive LGP matrix

Specially treated acryl glass is coated with the layer of light-reflecting paint. The coating method has been developed by our engineers and the pattern is unique. Such solution provides quality of the light beam even distribution which makes an X-ray film more available to study and that, in its turn, means improvement in medical diagnostics. The technology corresponds the requirement of both national and world ecological standards.

LED backlight

The source of light is the key element of device. An electronic LED circuit board is used in our device for that purpose.

Luminescent or fluorescent lamps are still used in some devices of that sort. However, that technology is out-o-f-date. Brightness, clearness and even distribution of the light beam along the device glass providing proper lighting up an X-ray and excluding flashing effect are the main advantages of the LED technology. That luminous flux is harmless for the doctor’s eyes and is of optimal colour temperature. Also, the LED negatoscope is characterized with low energy consumption and a longer operational lifetime.

Usage of light diffusion

The entire area of the negatoscope LGP glass is coated with a specifically designed 180 micron-thick polyethylene terephthalate electrical film which is used as an additional diffusor for the light flux. It also provides high level of the light distribution, evenness of lightning and proper light distribution.

Usage of light diffusion

Acrylic glass of a dull colour making the light flux white is the final element of the optic system.

Acrylic glass

The glass completes the light flux procession and it is also the surface where an X-ray is placed on. Both dry and wet X-rays can be viewed.

That solution completes the laconic and modern design of our negatoscopes.

Special shape of frame

The aluminum section which frames the entire optical system has been designed by our engineers and is manufactured at the specialist casthouse production site which allows to reach compactness in the system components allocation considering the X-ray film mounting device.

Special shape of frame

High-quality electronic equipment

All electronic components which we use in negatoscopes production are made by the world leading manufacturers which makes our equipment reliable with long shelf life. All the components are supplied with Declaration of Conformity.

High-quality electronic equipment

Quality Control Department

The final stage of any negatoscope manufacturing is connected with its examination in QC Department using specialist file of risk management.

Quality Control Department

In that manner we exclude defects in our equipment. Each check is accompanied with making a report as a file which is afterwards is stored in the archive.

License and Registration Certificate

Manufacturing and maintenance license is another proof that LLC NPK Negatoscope.ru is a professional, reliable, modern and certified Russian manufacturer of medical equipment.

License and Registration Certificate License and Registration Certificate

Certificates issued by Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of Russian Federation are provided for all manufactured negatoscopes.

All our manufacturing solutions have been used as a set of our technologies and processes we have implemented into production of our devices.

Solutions of LLC NPK Negatoscope.ru have set the new standard of development of X-ray and nuclear magnetic resonance diagnostics at fair prices. Our price policy is based on the dealer’s interest which means a good discount for them.