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Examination lamp

Medical diagnostic lamp
Price: 410 USD

Medical diagnostic lamp

An examination lamp is installed to illuminate a specific part of the body. It is indispensable in the dentist's office, in cyesiology and gynecology. Mobile models are distinguished by the ability to change the light spot characteristics, shadowless effect, the ability to adjust the position and angle of illumination.

The device is equipped with long service elements. It is manufactured according to accepted lighting standards. The equipment evenly scatters rays, creates high-quality color rendering.

Mobile models can be installed in any place convenient for the doctor in order to better illuminate a specific part of the body during examination and when performing other operations. Devices are made of safe for human materials.

1 Price 410
2 Intent of the medical device It is designed for the use in medical institutions for general illumination of the operational field during medical examinations, for diagnostics and examinations during therapeutic procedures
3 Number of light units No less than 1
4 Light source LED
5 Red and white LEDs (CRI index) Available
6 The total number of LEDs in the light unit No less than 16
7 Number of red LEDs No less than 6
8 Number of white LEDs No less than 10
9 The brightness of the white and red LEDs is controlled by an encoder Available
10 Separate brightness adjustment of red LEDs to achieve the best display of specific human tissue or illuminated object Available
11 The maximum permitted time for establishing the operating mode No more than 5 s
12 The control unit integrated into the lamp provides switches on and off the lamp, changes the brightness of both red and white LEDs, and adjusts the color temperature Available
13 Maximum illumination in the center of the working field at a distance of 0.5 m in the main mode No less than 33 klx
14 Diameter of the working light field of the lamp at a distance of 0.5 m (D10) No less than 240 mm
15 Color temperature No less than 5000 К°
16 Color rendering index (CRI) No less than 97%
17 Brightness adjustment steps No less than 40
18 Range of the brightness adjustment 7% – 97%
19 Light unit diameter No less than 119 mm
20 The base of the lamp should be equipped with wheels for easy movement Available
21 Number of wheels on the lamp base No less than 5
22 To prevent unwanted rotation of the lamp around its axis on wheels locked by brakes, at least two wheels must be equipped with brakes Available
23 Changing the angle of inclination of the light unit of the lamp relative to the tripod in the vertical plane 0 – 180°
24 Changing the angle of inclination of the light unit of the lamp relative to the tripod in the horizontal plane 360°
25 Lamp bracket can be positioned from 0 to 100 ° in the middle of the bracket using springs Available
26 Lamp bracket can be positioned from 90 to 180 ° at the top of the bracket using springs Available
27 Handle for moving the lamp Available
28 Two recesses on the light unit for easy positioning of the light source Available
29 Lamp power cord length No less than 180 cm
30 Lamp weight No more than 9 kg
31 Warranty No less than 12 m
32 The average lifetime of the lamp No less than 8 years
33 Lamp MTBF No less than 10 000 hours
34 Lamp continuous operation time 24 hours
35 Power consumption No more than 15 VA
36 Supply voltage power 220 V
37 Frequency of supply voltage 50 hz
38 Electric shock protection class No less than II

  • Package lenght –
  • Package width –
  • Package height –
  • Package weight –

The transportation of the unit must be carried out in a pallet or wooden crate.

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